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Introducing the NEW Eventus

Introducing the NEW Eventus

By: Travis Schwab, CEO

The capital markets have undergone some significant shifts in recent years, from increasing levels of regulatory oversight to the growth and institutionalization of digital assets to the adoption of remote workflows due to the pandemic. At Eventus, we take pride in providing our clients with innovative solutions for trade surveillance and risk management, helping them maintain compliance and gain unparalleled insight into their trading operations.

As we have worked to help our clients navigate these changes, we have undergone some changes of our own. Our client base now includes household names in numerous global markets and asset classes, and we continue to refine our software to deliver more transformative results. Put simply, we are maturing, and that means it is a natural time to revisit one of the most public-facing aspects of our business: our brand.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Eventus has a new look. With this redesign, we are putting forth a modern image that reflects our commitment to innovation while packaging essential information in an intuitive manner. To see more, check out our website.

At the top of the homepage, you’ll see our invitation to “Shine a Light on Your Trading” – a phrase that gets to the heart of what we do. As transparency has become a higher priority for both capital markets firms and the regulators that oversee them, we strive to arm our clients with this transparency in multiple ways – trade surveillance, risk management tools, transaction monitoring and more.

We accomplish this through a unique approach, bringing together multiple technology stacks to create a unified solution that casts a wide net to identify potential vulnerabilities. By providing a more complete picture of risk, combined with our experience and technical know-how, we help clients gain an unprecedented level of visibility into their trading.

And the industry has taken notice. Since our launch, we’ve scaled our business into a worldwide organization, providing follow-the-sun service across every time zone to a global client base. We’ve steadily increased headcount across all departments to help meet this growing demand. This growth serves as the ultimate validation of our approach. We’ve achieved a level of success that reflects our status as the most comprehensive and trusted provider of trade surveillance in the world.

One of our clearest success stories to date has been our work in the digital assets space. As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies began to achieve liftoff in 2017, we made sure we were prepared by educating ourselves, making targeted hires and engaging with regulators, clients and other relevant voices to discuss future endeavors. This quick action meant that as the space began to institutionalize, with larger investors seeking a way in and exchanges facing increased regulatory scrutiny, we were the go-to choice to help firms maintain compliance and comprehensive trade surveillance – especially important considerations in markets that have a shorter track record compared to traditional asset classes. This success was a result of our nimbleness, expertise and ability to collaborate with clients.  In fact, four of the top six crypto exchanges on CB Insights’ Blockchain 50 list use Eventus as their trade surveillance and transaction monitoring solution.

In sum, we are incredibly proud of our role as a sophisticated, trusted, secure provider of solutions to the world’s foremost financial institutions, and we are thrilled to have a new website and brand that reflects this status. The new look will help us put our best foot forward as we eye a bright future. In the months ahead, we plan to innovate in several key areas while accelerating our efforts to bring these capabilities to as many asset classes and regions as possible.

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